About us

     Southeastern Outdoor Products has been servicing NC, SC and VA since 1997. We are a retailer of metal roofing and metal garages/shelters. We also provide portable storage buildings that are ready to be delivered. We fabricate our metal on site. Southeastern has a group of licensed installers that will install your metal roofing and/or metal buildings. We pride ourselves on our product and giving a great customer service experience (the best one ever!). Our team gives 100% to make sure our customer’s receive expert knowledge, hands-on help, one-on-one attention and an excellent product. We listen to our customer’s needs and concerns and want them to be enriched with knowledge before you buy.






Our team understands that buying a metal structure or metal roofing can be confusing and frustrating for some people. So let Southeastern be your on stop source before, during and after the sale of your metal building and metal roofing materials.



Bring your special projects to us and let us work with you to get your project accomplished!