Viral Smiles with Tim's Gift, Inc. and Operation Helping Hands

Smiles Gone Viral

Tim’s Gift, a community assistance organization catering to those affected by cancer or other terminal illnesses, has blessed qualified Sampson County neighbors since 2008. Medical equipment, disposable healthcare items, greeting cards, co-pays, and emotional and spiritual support are some of the gracious gifts extended from the program.  Inspired by the donations given in honor of Tim Spell’s life of generosity and friendliness, Mrs. Spell and Tim’s hospice nurse, Donna Reedy, decided to let the ripples of love extend from the rock of a man that sunk in life’s river on April 22nd, 2007.

“Tim Spell was an unselfish man, a man that truly lived the golden rule. 
Even now, after his earthly departure, individuals approach the
family with stories of how Tim gave.  He gave of his time,
his finances, his friendship, and his love of God.”
“From this, Tim’s Gift, Inc. was born. 
No other name for the organization seemed appropriate.”

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Unless encouragement and support are strong…challenging events done in a downpour give participants little reason to smile. Patients and their family members often find it hard to smile during their fight for life under the flood of tears brought on by medical treatment and hospice hardships. Mrs. Becky Spell can certainly empathize with this after the passing of her own fairy-tale Prince Charming, Tim. But, Becky had great support and encouragement.  In time, her smile became an infectious blessing to others as her ways of honoring her husband went viral. 

How can YOU assist in keeping the smiles spreading?

Help Becky Spell make others smile, too!

It isn’t hard.  

She’s got a sweet spirit and a big heart, so she creates opportunities that produce grins galore. Just last week (April 18th), she brought her Learning Station kids on over to Southeastern Outdoor Products for a dimple-popping good time at the Operation Helping Hands event. A diligent group of twenty-seven individuals spent the morning making things sparkle like an animated toothy grin! Thanks to the support of nine local churches, six donated wheel chairs, some bath seats, toilet seats, two pair of crutches, and four walkers shined by the time Pete Osborne (of SEOP) called the crowd to a grilled hot dog lunch.

Operation Helping Hands doesn’t have to stop with a one day event, or be an equipment-cleaning exclusive. You can still be a valued service member of this mission in several ways! Folks with tight schedules can donate tax deductible funds, or collect “KING OF KINGS” dollars to give (One-dollar bills with a “K” on them). Those with more time on their hands can volunteer at one of the fundraising events, such as the annual Tim’s Gift Golf Tournament (Hope Project/financial assistance program) or “Rise Up Restore” Christian Conference & Illuminate Winter Blitz. A very simple way soda-drinkers can help is to collect tabs from cans and turn full quart-sized bags in to Tim’s Gift, in Clinton, NC. Tabs potentially help families with lodging at the Ronald McDonald House in Chapel Hill.  One final idea: just contribute an uplifting greeting card that includes encouragement and sympathy to someone experiencing a life struggle. Every one of these blessings will make someone beam from ear to ear!

To find out more information, or to get involved, check out Tim’s Gift website ( ), Facebook page ( ), by email ( ). or stop by the office for a visit with Becky or Jennifer (Becky's assistant-extraordinaire) Monday through Wednesday, 8 AM to 4 PM, at 108 Northeast Blvd. Clinton, NC 28328. The office number is (910) 592-1126.




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