Terrific Kids Awards (They're All Terrific!)

They’re All Terrific!

This article holds a terrific amount enthusiasm.
It is not for the easily-irritated; proceed with caution.

Kiwanis International believes ALL kids are Terrific. They’ve proven this by developing a Terrific plan that helps bring the Terrific qualities of our youth to the surface, and then they shine a Terrific light on the Terrific outcome! Since 1919, the focus of Kiwanis-family members has specifically centered on serving children, and from the 1960s, the radius of service has exploded to include the kids from nearly 80 worldwide locations; Isn’t that totally Terrific? Promoting the positive has really made an impact. While important social and emotional skills in kids develop and increase, the risks of delinquency, dropout, and drug abuse diminish.

The Kiwanis TERRIFIC KIDS AWARDS recognize those whose consistent perseverance leads them to reach various life-skill goals and character distinction. Working with Terrific schools, teachers, community centers, and parents, local Kiwanis clubs provide sponsorships and resources to motivate and empower students. Kids are inspired to set goals, practice diligence, grow, and to succeed, both immediately and long-term. Ultimately, the TERRIFIC KIDS system is meant to draw out the (sometimes hidden) attributes of thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, respect, responsibility, inclusiveness, friendliness, inquisitiveness, and capability. If a Terrific child you know and love has received a TERRIFIC KIDS award, be sure and give them some proud praise and a pat on the back - they’ve worked hard to deserve it!

Southeastern Outdoor Products, a member of the Terrific Kiwanis of Clinton family, has had the extreme privilege of handing out TERRIFIC KIDS awards throughout Sampson County. At each school’s recognition assembly, terrific SEOP staff members have enjoyed the delighted winning smiles of Terrific Kids. Melody Pate, the newest addition to the Business Development department, gleefully shook almost 20 Terrific hands at Salemburg Elementary School while dispersing the students’ victorious achievement packets. She had a terrific-good time!

Now that you’ve had a Terrific overdose of Terrific-ness, you’ll probably want to know where you can get more Terrific information, or learn how you can Terrifically help your local Kiwanis Club make a difference in YOUR Terrific community. https://locator.kiwanis.org/FindAClub is a Terrific place to start, but you probably can also find a local club on Facebook. The club in Clinton meets every Thursday at noon for lunch, currently upstairs at Piggly Wiggly (Carlie C’s IGA) at Jordan Shopping Center. The Terrific Kids’ Website offers Terrific resources for educators and parents alike (http://kiwaniskids.org/en/TerrificKids/Discover.aspx), as well as a link to a Parenting Toolkit, loaded with Terrific Kid-building ideas (http://www.parenttoolkit.com/).


You go and have yourself a TERRIFIC day, now, ya hear!


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